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Hello world! We are Sensory Stuff Australia

Hello world! We are Sensory Stuff Australia

Hey guys! This is sensory stuff’s first blog post! How exciting!

A little bit about Ash

I’m a FIFO wife, mum with 3 awesome kids, Hubby has been FIFO since our oldest was 1( 13+ years) . It’s life and we make it work. Our foundation business, Zebra Babies has allowed me to be there for our kids, with a more flexible work schedule. Now the kids are older, Zebra Babies is a full time gig with so many plans for the future. 

Our son was diagnosed last year with ADHD and Autism. Honestly it was such a relief at the same time being so stressful. We now have more support, therapy and aids to help him cope better. Sensory Stuff was born out of love for my boy. Sensory stuff was just a thought for children and adult toys to encourage play, fill sensory needs and bring super awesome product to my established customer base.

Super excited to see where this journey goes!

Ash – Owner/Operator 


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