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Safe Sensory Play Ideas for 6 Months +

woman reading book to toddler
Safe Sensory Play Ideas for 6 Months +


Keeping baby and toddler entertained all day is exhausting sometimes. Safe sensory play ideas for 6 months + is simple and we are here to give you a couple of activity ideas. We love a good sensory play in our house. From coloured rice, paints, play dough, making calming bottles and so much more. Starting sensory play young is great for your little ones cognitive and fine motor skills. Some great games and activities for 6 month old babies include peekaboo, tummy time, singing, clapping and reading a book. No matter what you do, playing games and interacting with your baby helps enhance their development.


Sensory play like coloured rice, Jelly and fine crushed biscuits are a great alt to sand and water and are a lot safer to be mouthed.






homemade sensory paint
Homemade paint – We loved making homemade paints at home out of cornflour and food colouring – Super simple!


A great alternative to cornflour and food colouring is blending a variety of fruits ( strawberries, blueberries, kiwi ect) for colour and letting baby paint away, keep a washcloth or hose close this will be sticky.






4 Tablespoons of corn flour (corn starch)

Cold water



1 Cup of boiling water


Liquid food colouring




In a medium saucepan, mix the cornflour with enough cold water to make a paste. (Not too runny).


Pour in 1 cup of boiling water and stir thoroughly so there are no lumps.


Turn on medium heat on the stove and mix. The mixture will start to change and you will notice some clear streaks forming in the mixture. Once you see this, turn off the heat and continue stirring. It will start to thicken and turn into a wonderful, custard-like consistency.


Spoon equal amounts into empty jars, cups or containers and add food colouring. Mixing until completely combined. For each colour, we added 3 drops of yellow, green, red and blue. To make orange, we added 1 drop of red and 2 yellow and to make purple, we added 1 drop of blue and 2 red.


Store in the fridge covered with cling wrap for up to 2 weeks. This paint recipe does not have any preservative in it, so it is important to check that the paint has not expired before giving it to children.



Tip: If the mixture has harden from being in the fridge, adding a little bit of boiling hot water or leave the paint our for a few hours will return to its smooth consistency.

sensory play with rice and mushie forest stacking cups how to make sensory rice safe sensory play for 6 months +
How to make coloured rice for sensory play we found here
You Will Need:


  • White rice
  • Vinegar
  • Food Colouring
  • Fun sensory bin items like dinosaurs.
  • Scoops and small cups for dumping and fillingHOW TO MAKE COLOURED RICE


STEP 1: Measure 1 Cup of rice into a container.

You can make more coloured rice if desired just adjust the measurements. Or you can do several colors in different containers and mix them together for a rainbow theme!

STEP 2: Next add 1 Teaspoon of Vinegar.

You could also try lemon juice instead of vinegar for a fun lemon scented rice sensory bin.


STEP 3: Now add as much food colouring as desired (deeper colour= more food colouring).

You can make several shades of the same colour for a fun effect.

STEP 4: Cover the container and SHAKE the rice vigorously for a minute or two. Check to see if the rice is evenly coated with the food colouring!

STEP 5: Spread the coloured rice on a paper towel or a tray to dry in an even layer.

STEP 6: Once dry you can transfer the coloured rice to a bin for sensory play.

What will you add? Mushie Stacking cups, Sea creatures, dinosaurs, unicorns, mini-figures all make great additions to any sensory play activity.

We love Jake and his mums content on sensory play – FOLLOW HERE



Homemade sensory jelly sweet jelly desert with blueberries and flowers

Try Making Edible Sand for Sensory Activities for Babies


  1. Blend biscuits in the food processor
  2. Smash any chunks of biscuit that do not get blended
  3. Add to a tray with trucks, shovels, buckets, and other sand toys
  4. Store in an airtight container for unto a week.



Homemade Jelly


Making jelly is super simple with some gelatin powder. You can find it at coles or woolies or grab a natural gelatin powder from a health food store. Follow the simple instructions and set in the fridge. Add your fav toys and watch your little one have an amazing time.

Safe Sensory Play Ideas for 6 Months +

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